I can’t shake the idea that Aria is guilty of something. Maybe not of being A, but of something else.

Remember the police board from 4x03? It said that Aria would do anything for Spencer.


And in last episode, we learned that Ali picked Aria because she was the compassionate one.



haleb in 5a

About Tyler Blackburn… {insp.}

Don't you think that maybe the secret that Caleb finds out about isn't a secret that Hanna haven't told him, but maybe a secret about Hanna, that Hanna don't know about? Like something about her family, or maybe (if the theory about her having a twin is true) that she has a twin? Like the secret has something to do with Hanna, but it isn't something that Hanna knows about..


Possible, but I find it unlikely. I’m 90% sure the secret he uncovers is them working with Mona. It fits and makes sense. They’ve already talked and planned with Mona when Haleb & Paily are decorating Emily’s house, and he probably notices somethings up. He asks her about it and she lies queuing the

Hanna wouldn’t have wanted him to tag along because she wants to protect him, but once he found out, there would be no stopping him from coming. That would be why him and Hanna are playing lookout together while Spencer and Mona sneak into Radley.

And I think if anybody has a twin, it will be Alison.

Do you think that tyler and ashley dated in real life? Because they used to be so much closer and always together and posting pics but lately I feel like they aren't?? idk its not a big deal but I always thought they were together off screen as well.


Just because we aren’t getting pictures doesn’t mean that they’re not still close. They’re not going to take pictures with everybody they hangout with every time they hangout with them. I think the reason they shared/took so many pictures a year or so ago is because that was around the time it was announced that he would be leaving for Ravenswood. They wanted to spend as much time together and take as many photos as they could before he left. She also was single at the time. I don’t know if I think that they’ve ever dated, but I find it more than likely that they’ve hooked up.



They´ll be happy and satisfied eventually. - Tyler Blackburn (x)

'EXACTLY! EXACTLY!' That's all what matters.


Pretty Little Liars Cast Celebrate 100 Episodes (x)



Again, why aren’t they together in real life pls 😩

ashley’s faces haha